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Operates and tends boilers.  Boiler auxiliary equipment such as pumps, turbines, compressors, and controls for the generation of steam for heating, cooling (chilled water), sterilizing, cooking and laundering. Operates and maintains proper temperatures and pressures on chillers, boilers, chilled water systems, hot water heating systems, steam heating systems, ventilation systems, domestic hot water systems, and house water systems.  Provides environmental comfort control throughout the hospital.  Surveys areas and equipment, performs tests and prepares the required logs and reports for record retention.



  • Operates boilers; maintains proper water levels in boilers, maintains proper combustion
  • conditions, steam pressures and temperatures, and steam output.  Operates boilers to obtain the most economical, safe and smokeless combustion.
  • Places boilers "on line" and out of service per procedure.  Also places auxiliary boiler equipment "on line" and out of service to maintain boiler operation in a most economical manner.
  • Tests boiler safety shut down equipment and pressure vessel relief safety equipment.
  • Collects and tests sample boiler water, condensate, heating systems water and cooking systems water. 
  • Determines chemical treatment requirements based on test results. 
  • Adds and adjusts chemical treatments, chemically regenerates water systems as required to maintain prescribed conditions.
  • Checks chemical supplies and materials needed to test and maintain water systems.
  • Monitors and logs instrument readings, temperatures, pressures, H.V.A.C. equipment status, hospital building area temperatures and alarm status as required during the respective shift.
  • Records and changes charts, records meter readings and computes daily usage of fuel, waterelectric, medical oxygen, steam and condensate as required.
  • Inspects and cleans boiler room, boiler room office floors, windows, main panel and equipment.
  • Starts, stops, adjust and regulate pumps, tank water level and controls to provide house water at a safe pressure.
  • Starts and stops pumps and adjusts controls and valves to provide domestic hot water at a temperature  not to exceed the prescribed limit.
  • Surveys areas of buildings and adjust area temperatures as needed to provide comfort.  Records temperatures and humidity as required in areas of buildings during the respective shift.
  • Surveys all mechanical rooms, checks equipment, adjusts valves, controls and starts or  stops HVAC fan units, converters and chillers to provide design temperatures for environmental comfort.  
  • Equipment status, pressures, temperatures and other prescribed data is recorded on log sheets during the respective shift.
  • Repairs or makes adjustments to mechanical equipment to maintain operation.
  • Starts, stops and operates lithium bromide steam absorption chiller(s) to provide chilled   water for aid conditioning of buildings. 
  • Starts, stops and operates chiller auxiliary  
  • Performs preventive maintenance on valves, pumps, turbines, compressors, air handling units, hot water heaters, converters, condensate systems, boilers, auxiliary boiler equipment, chillers, steam supply systems, house water systems, water make-up systems, meters, regulators, chilled water systems, hot water heating systems, space heaters, medical vacuum pump system and insulation as prescribed.
  • Cleans and wipes equipment, washes floors in assigned areas, and keeps areas organized and neat.
  • Maintains inventory of air filters, valves, piping, fittings, supplies, and spare parts for equipment.
  • Inspects and maintains thermostats, radiator valves, thermostatic valves, control valves, weathermaster units, mixing boxes, dampers and actuators for zone heating, cooling and ventilation.
  • Responds to elevator and dumbwaiter problem calls. Determines nature of the problem.
  • Takes action per policies. Calls elevator company for service if needed.
  • Responds to fire alarms and fire drills to extinguish fires or to assist.
  • Responds to maintenance request calls on Saturday, Sunday, holidays and when the Maintenance Department is closed.
  • Repairs or replaces items and requests Maintenance Department personnel to repair or replace items when such items cannot be repaired or replaced by engineer
  • Responds to utility shutdown and acts as coordinator with established utilities to provide service.
  • Responds to heating, cooling, ventilation, domestic hot water temperature and pressure, cold water pressure and medical vacuum problems.
  • Is in compliance with Holy Cross Hospital Attendance Standards.
  • Other duties as assigned


  • Must have minimum two years of experience in high-pressure boiler operation.
  • Must have a current City of Chicago Stationary Engineer’s License.
  • Compliant with PPD requirements.

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