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  • Mount Sinai Hospital
  • Nursing Assistant
  • Varied Shifts
  • Call/Registry/Per Diem
  • Req #: 15383


The unlicensed assistant personnel perform(s) direct patient care and a variety of clinical and environmental tasks delegated by, and under the direction of the Registered Nurse.

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Accepts and carries out assignments from Registered Nurse/designee in consideration of unit needs and as appropriate to clinical experience

Answers call lights promptly; and responds to patient needs when within the realm of the job description and communicates other patient needs to the patient’s nurse

Provides general comfort measures to patients including, but not limited to: positioning, turning, back rubs, linen change, ambulating, dangling, sitting, walking, and offering bed pan

Cares for patients in a manner that demonstrates understanding of their cognitive, physical, emotional and age specifics needs.

Performs patient care rounds and anticipates patient care needs.

Meets patients safety needs by always identifying self and role prior to performing patient care activities.  Identifies patient by name and verifies with I.D. band.

Maintains patient safety at all times.  Identifies needs for Fall Prevention Program.  Implement Fall Prevention measures.  Applies soft limb restraints, Posey vests, or belts according to manufactures instructions and Policy and Procedure Standards as directed by RNs.

Uses proper body mechanics, resources and/or equipment to safely move patients in bed, position them appropriately, and transfer them to chair/wheelchair or to stretcher.

Turns and positions patients at high risk for skin breakdown every two hours. Documents measures implemented.

Provides and assists patient personal hygiene: oral, perineal, QAM, QHS, and PRN.  Shaving, shampoo and hair care provided as needed.  Provides oral hygiene to unconscious patient q 2 hours and PRN.  Notify RN of any abnormalities.

Meets patient’s elimination needs by offering bedpan, urinal, and assistance to commode or to bathroom as needed.  Administer enemas as ordered to assist in bowel elimination.  Empty colostomy/ileostomy appliance bags.  Strain urine as indicated per patient care plan.  Document voiding or stools.  Notifies RN of any changes or abnormalities

Provides perineal and Foley catheter care per nursing policy.  Empties urinary drainage bag following appropriate technique at end of shift or as directed by RN.  Reports any abnormalities to RN.  Documents output.

Collect specimens as ordered, at the time indicated, using the correct container, label appropriately and place in the proper place for pick-up or take to lab as directed.

Perform blood glucose monitoring in accordance with nursing policy and procedure.  Notifies RN of abnormal results.  Performs quality control test daily and PRN.  Maintain cleanliness of equipment.

Prepares patient for meals (position table and offer washcloth to clean hands); and assists and feeds as necessary.  Observes and documents accurately the amount of food consumed.

Observes and documents amount of oral fluid intake during shift.  Observes and documents amount of fluid output i.e., urine, emesis, NG tube, and liquid stool per shift.  Total these amounts per shift.  Reports any abnormalities to RN.


MINIMUM Education:

  1. High School graduate or GED required.
  2. Graduate of Basic Nursing Assistant (BNA)Program required
  3. Must be currently enrolled in a BNA program



Minimum one-year hospital/comparable experience within the last 5 years preferred.

REQUIRED LICENSES, Certificates, Registrations:

Certified by Illinois Department of Public Health.

Current CPR Healthcare Provider Status.



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